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Hello There!

"Designing is about envisioning a better, more efficient future. Then making it real." That's my design motto and philosophy!

My name is Courtney Storm Allen andI am currently in the MS-Human Computer Interaction program at Georgia Tech. My projected graduation date is May 2020. I’m currently looking for UX Research and UX Design internships for Summer 2019. I have a BS in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech, where I graduated from in May 2018.

Wanna know more?

My design philosophy is about pushing the boundaries of today's technology into tomorrow. The future I hope to create will make people's lives more experiential and more fulfilling through creative applications of technology.

My interests are in video games, representing my school, being creative with art and makeup, and finally, and most importantly, my cats. In my spare time, I am working on launching my video game streaming on Twitch! I hope to be able to share my passion for video games as well share some insights from my design background.


Otherwise, check out my instagram photos! (Warning: may contain pictures of cute cats)


I didn't work alone on all my projects. Meet my awesome group members from my featured projects!

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Maria Wong

Featured on Vive and Rock-It

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Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 4.33.59 PM.png

Rachel Collins

Featured on Terra: Grocery Redesign

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Hareen Godthi

Featured on Terra: Grocery Redesign

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Bonus - Meet Puddin!

He's my polydactyl, fetching, cuddly cat. His polydactyl nature gives him thumbs on his two front feet! He's a bit older now, but back in his heyday he would fetch little mouse toys up and down the stairs all day. Also, like any amazing cat, he knows how to cuddle you at just the right times - otherwise he's a stubborn old man and is now picky about his cuddles.

Did I mention that he's my soulmate of a cat? I can't imagine my world without him and no other cat will ever compare. He's knows me better than most people do and knows exactly how to be there for me. I just hope I'm a good soulmate back!