Courtney Storm's Portfolio


MY ROLE : Product/Industrial & UX Designer

TIMEFRAME: 2 weeks, Fall 2016

CLASS: Interactive Product Design Lab (IPDL)

TEAM STYLE: 2 Designers

TEAMMATE: Maria Wong

TOOLS USED: Arduino, Addressable LEDs, Moviemaker, AEIOU

BIGGEST TAKEAWAY: You can create real-life products in little time without user-testing to see if possible to push technological boundaries, but you need user-testing to determine if it would be a successful project!


Over 2 weeks: Rapidly prototype a fully functional design light-based project that indirectly or directly interacts with users

created to push lamp designs to indirectly interact with users

Vive detects the mood of the room then adjusts colors and lighting automatically to enhance the the users' experience.


process of creating Vive


What's Happening Inside


Simplicity at its finest

By using two sensors, a microphone and photocell, Vive knows exactly what is occurring in a space.


Arduino DiagraM & Contents

Arduino RedBoard, Breadboard, Jumper Wires, Photocell, Microphone, Neopixels, 10k Ohm Resistor

Mood Chart.png

Mood Breakdown

Every mood was coded based on rationally considering what tiers of lighting and sound each mood fell in.