Courtney Storm's Portfolio

Terra | The Future of the grocery experience

MY ROLE : Product/Industrial, Service, & UX Designer

TIMEFRAME: 8 weeks, Fall 2016

CLASS: Interactive Studio

TEAM STYLE: 3 Designers

TEAMMATES: Rachel Collins, Hareen Godthi

TOOLS & METHODS USED: Observational Studies, Benchmarking, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Markers & Storyboards

BIGGEST TAKEAWAY: You have to really own your own storyboard style and be proud of it; otherwise, you’ll slow down


Over all 8 weeks: To create a more efficient and pleasant shopping experience within the grocery store experience

What is this 'Future'?

My group was tasked with redesigning the grocery experience into a more positive and efficient experience - several years into the future. We researched current technology and grocery store benchmarks, and thus found our solution to the need of a brighter, funner, more explorative experience of grocery shopping: Terra.